Kuch Thanda Ho Jaye

Bottled Water / 80

Pepsi/Fanta/Miranda /110

Nimbooz / 110

Diet Pepsi / 120

Ya Kuch Garam

Masala Tea / 60

Nescafe / 120

Thacker's Gujarati Thali

Gujarati Pre Set Thali @ Rs 600+ 5% Gst

Mithai of the day - 1 Farsan – 2 Vegetables – 2 Puri -2 pieces Phulka – 2 pieces Dal Kadhi Steamed Rice Papad Pickle

Healthy Selection

Tomato Basil Soup / 180

Fresh tomatoes, basil and cream.Accompanied with Bread Roll and Butter.

Dal Nariyal Ka Shorba / 180

Lentils and coconut broth flavored with cumin andcoriander.

Dheemi Aanch ke Kabab

Paneer Tikka (6 Pieces) /350

Cubes of fresh cottage cheese marinated with yogurt and Indian spices. Served with a mint chutney

Shakahari Platter (8 Pieces) 400

Paneer Tikka / Dahi ke Soley/ Sesame Tandoori Aloo / Kankar ke Kebab. Served in a platter with relishes


Sev Puri / 150

Crispy Puri layered with potatoes, onions, tamarind and spicy chutney, topped with sev, coriander and raw mango

Bhel Puri / 150

Bhel puri is a tasty and tangy snack made with puffed rice

Dahi Batata Puri / 150

Crispy round hollow puris, filled with a potato mixture, topped with yoghurt, sev, coriander and a tamarind chutney

Papdi Bhalla Chaat / 200

Papdi and Bhalla topped with onion, tomatoes and potatoes garnished with sev and served with tangy chutney

Thackers Special

Moongdal Kachori / 200

Crispy Fried puff stuffed with moong dal served with coriander chutney, tamarind chutney and Vatana Aamti.

Patti Samosa / 200

Crispy fried wonton sheets filled with spiced green peas. Served with a coriander chutney and Accompaniments

Patra / 200

A thick gram flour batter spread on colocasia leaves and rolled. served with coriander chutney and vagharela dahi

Classic Khichyu / 200

Steamed rice flour cooked with cumin and green chilly, served with methia sambhar oil and kachhe keiri

Bun Platter / 350

Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji Served with accompaniments

Thackers Special Farsaan Platter /300

Patti Samosa / Patra/ Khichyu /Moongdal Kachori Served with coriander chutney and tamarind chutney.

Combo Meals

Turiya Patra with Phulka, Kadhi, Steamed Rice and Papad / 400

Batata Sukhi Bhaji with Thepla, served with Masala Dahi / 350

Aloo Rasawala with Puri, Surti Dal, Steamed Rice and Papad / 400

Dal Dhokli with Mini Kachori with steamed rice and chopped onions / 350

Dal Khichdi with Batata Sukhi Bhaji accompanied with papad churi and dahi / 300

Vagharela Dal Bhath with Batata Sukhi Bhaji accompanied with papad churi and dahi / 300

Fada Khichdi with Kadhi served with Papad Churi / 300

Gujarati Mini Meal - 500

Undhiyu with Puri and Shrikhand accompanied with Kadhi, Steamed Rice and Papad

Amritsari Chhole with Amritsari Kulcha or Bhatura / 350

Gatta Curry with Satpadi Roti/300

Paneer Makhani With Cheese Naan /395

Lasooni Palak Da Saag with Missi Roti / 350

Bageeche Ke Tarkari with Tandoori Roti /350

Dal Makhani with Lal Mirch Ka Paratha / 350

Purani Dilli Ke Chhole with Chawal /350

Dal Amritsari Tadka with Chawal /350

Jammu Ke Rajmah with Chawal / 350

Kadhi Pakoda with Steamed Rice / 350

Punjabi Mini Meal - 500

Mix Vegetables with Lachha Paratha and Gulab Jamun accompanied with Dal Makhani and Steamed Rice


Undhiyu - 350

Turiya Patra - 250

Batata Sukhi Bhaji - 200

Paneer Makhani - 320

Paneer Capsicum Masala - 320

Palak Paneer - 320

Bageeche Ki Tarkari - 250

Nargisi Kofta Curry - 250

Jeera Aloo - 200

Dal Makhani - 250

Dal Amritsari - 250

Palak Paneer - 320

Surti Dal - 200

Gujarati Kadhi - 200

Assorted Breads

Tandoori Roti /70

Naan /90

Butter Naan /110

Laccha Paratha /110

Garlic Naan /120

Amritsari Kulcha /120

Cheese Naan /135

Puri (2Pieces) /50

Phulka (2pieces) /50


Steamed Rice /150

Jeera Rice / 180

Veg Pulao / 250

Veg Biryani with Raita / 300

Add Ons

Plain Dahi /150

Roasted Papad /80

Fried Masala Papad /150

International Selection

Classic French Fries/ 250

Served with tomato mayo dip

Loaded Nachos/ 350

Nacho chips topped with refried beans, salsaand Cheesesauce

Pizza Margherita/350

A classic cheese pizza topped with basil leaves

Pizza Primavera/350

A celebration of colorful spring and summer vegetables

Penne Arabiata /400

Penne pasta cooked in a tomato base with herbs. Served with a cheese toast

Penne Blanco /400

Penne pasta cooked in a cheese sauce with herbs. Served with cheese toast


Kesari Shrikhand /200

Pistachio Gulab Jamun /200

Malai Kulfi /200

Hot Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream /350

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